The Great Couples Dating Sites for Open-Minded People

This article is written for people who look for a special kind of sexual experience.  Here you can find a short rating of the sites that are worth your attention in our subjective opinion. Yet, the list of the hookup sites that we consider as best may not correspond with your opinion and other ratings.

You are a lucky one if you read this article. This means that you are a partner of an awesome open-minded person who is ready to experiment and enrich your sexual life with non-typical adult experience. Yet, maybe you are a passionate lover that wants to hook up with a couple. In both cases, such type of connection is good for everybody. It brings the flame to relationships and helps lovers to reveal their personalities. Great experience, adventure, and romance go without saying in couples dating.

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Why You Should Consider Meeting Couples

What can be hotter than a person who is outspoken about his or her preferences and character traits?  We admire people who know what they want and do not hesitate to ask about that. It gives them a special kind of charisma, we like their courage, and we want to be like them. Wouldn’t you be disappointed if you learned all the secrets about your potential lover, and it appeared that he or she has no attraction to atypical sex? High sex drive, curiosity, and lust make people experience a threesome, group sex, and swinging, and lovers who found a way to satisfy their appetites are lucky.

Relationships with a person you love are beautiful. The mutual feeling is a long-lasting source of your passion and great sexual life. Yet, it is not possible to stay obsessed with only one person forever. Sooner or later, you feel the desire to hook up with somebody else, which does not mean that your love has ended. In such a case, the best solution is to be open with your partner, share your fantasies, and find a solution on how to satisfy them. On the contrary, if you try to fight your lust and keep up with traditional sexual relationships, it can break the connection with your significant one.

How Do Couples Meet?

There are types of people for whom it is easy to find a lover for any kind of hookup. They are jaunty, they can easily tell something personal to a person they barely know, and of course, they are surrounded by similar people. If you are not one of them, it may not be easy to find a person that wants to hook up with a couple. Maybe, you have a friend who is up to such an experiment. However, this practice rarely has no good results. The warm relations with the friend most likely will be ruined with this one-night stand, and your partner may be jealous of the person if you meet often.

That’s why a good solution would be to meet a couple that you haven’t known. It can help avoid embarrassment, you don’t risk to affect your social status, and you can stop seeing them at any moment. As a rule, such people do not have a special community; they meet each other online. Currently, it is possible to find like-minded people at free couples dating sites. You are wrong if you think that such networks are not popular. The web is full of offers to meet a couple or a person for a threesome.

Why Are Dating Sites a Great Option for Couples?

  1. Many choices.

Every couple that plans to hook up most likely will go to online platforms. In this way, dating websites have gathered almost all the people who are interested in polygamous sex. It will help you to choose the people that are just right for you. Your sexual life won’t have to be limited to compromises, trade-off, and “lesser evil”.

  1. You can meet a person for hookups anywhere.

Currently, many dating sites for couples provide a function to find lovers nearby. Therefore, it is not a problem to connect with the right person in your town, the same as it can work when you are on vacation or a business trip. The network will show you who is the closest to you.

  1. You are free to choose anyone.

If you meet couples in real life to get laid, it can be a bit embarrassing, especially if you don’t like those people and have to refuse. Hookup websites do not have this disadvantage. You can view a huge list of couples hooking up and connect only with those who are attractive for you.

Advice for Couples Looking for Third

Don’t attach labels

First of all, this piece of advice applies to yourself. There are a lot of couples that reject threesome because both of the partners are straight. You should remember that there are no rules on sex. You can create your own pattern. For instance, it’s okay to pre-agree that there won’t be any interaction with the lover of the same sex. Yet, don’t afraid to experiment. Get rid of stereotypical thinking and be open to a new experience.

Don’t do it if you are a very jealous person

There’s probably no need to remind jealous people to stay away from such kind of “fun”. Don’t expect you will be able to control your emotions in that situation if you cannot do it in everyday life. It’s better not to try yourself out because this experience will ruin your relationships. The only way jealous people should have a threesome is when they are not in romantic relationships with any of two other lovers. The same way, if your spouse is jealous, don’t insist on having a threesome.

Be confident

It’s much easier to make an emotional connection during physical contact with one sexual partner. Yet, when it comes to the fact that two people will estimate your performance, many lovers lose their confidence. That’s why you should understand if you are ready for this experience. Don’t be too hard on yourself and treat it just like fun. Make sure you know everyone’s expectations and share yours. Also, remember that all people are different, and you don’t have to fit everyone’s criteria.

Couples Dating Sites to Start With

There are many dating sites to everyone’s needs and tastes. All you have to do is to pick up those that fit you well. Our experts have analyzed popular dating platforms for singles to guide you where you can start building your experience.

This site presents itself as a perfect platform for adult dating, especially if it involves couples meetings and swing. welcomes people of any sexual orientation and any preferences and gives them a huge amount of other members to chat with. It provides a user-friendly design, and SSL technology helps the platform protect users’ private messages. However, there is one disadvantage of Swingles. The website does not allow blurring pictures or use other ways to make your personality secret. Given the focus of dating services, this fact may turn away people that would like to protect their privacy.

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Polymatchmaker is one of the couples dating sites that are open exclusively to people who share polygamous values. The creators believe in ethical polygamy. They have created this service to provide the people with the same mindset with the opportunity to find lovers for open sexual relationships. It is mandatory to indicate what are your principles and preferences, and there is no option “monogamy”.

Polymatchmaker claims not to share member’s data with other platforms; the users’ profiles are hidden form not registered searchers.  This resource is one of the best if you look for singles to join you and your partner. It is especially worth your attention if you want to find girls looking for couples. The website doesn’t provide a trial period or free membership options.

Couples that are not sure about experiments they want to make should try QuickFlirt. It does not make the users feel obliged to have a clear purpose for using the site, supporting online chatting. However, the service focuses on members that are interested in hookup and casual sex. QuickFlirt provides several convenient options to find lovers. They are location-based search, Tinder-style matching, and Discover filters. Though the site is created for casual dating, it doesn’t allow posting pornographic images, and this sets it apart from other hookup websites. The biggest disadvantage of QuickFlirt is that only women can send free messages.

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