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Agree, many of us would like to change sexual partners more often. Moreover, some people simply do not want a serious relationship and commitment. It is also vital that people around us do not know about our preferences and do not judge them. It is good that in the modern world, some great technologies and applications allow you to find a partner for flirting and sex quickly. This Pure review will tell you about a confidential and anonymous dating site created for such purposes.

Pros/Cons of Pure

First of all, you need to find out is Pure excellent or bad service. For this, we have compiled a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of the company. Read this review and conclude.

Pros of Pure

  • High level of confidentiality;
  • High-quality local search allows you to find a suitable partner nearby;
  • Original design;
  • The mobile application works with all modern iOS and Android devices;
  • A convenient and straightforward registration procedure takes a few minutes;
  • Convenient chat for communication;
  • The profile is deleted automatically after an hour’s session;
  • Free 3-days trial;
  • Reliable deposit replenishment methods.

Cons of Pure

  • You must create an account every time you use the application;
  • The application is anonymous. Therefore profiles are poorly detailed;
  • The subscription price is above average.

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Pure at a Glance

To understand what is Pure.com, you need to learn more about the company and its customers. However, the main property of the company is the confidentiality and anonymity of users, so some information is not available.

  • Best for: people who want to find new partners more often and keep confidential;
  • Number of clients: no information;
  • Mobile application: well-optimized app for mobile devices available in the App Store or Google Play;
  • Special features: Self-destruction profiles, local search.

What is Pure App?

In this section of the review, we will talk about the history of the Pure dating site. The company began operations in October 2014. Customers quickly realized that this is a great competitor to Tinder (this application also allows you to find partners for flirting), offering more anonymity and security. The main idea is the presence of self-destructing profiles that are deleted from the site within an hour after registration. However, during this hour you can find a suitable partner for sex who lives near you. On the Internet, many positive Pure reviews from real users note the excellent effectiveness of the service.

How Does Pure Work?

We continue to tell the truth about Pure in this review. Immediately after registering the profile, the client gets the opportunity to find another user nearby. The program analyzes the database in this city and shows you the best matches. Now the client can view information about other users and put “Like.” If the sympathy is mutual, then the chat window becomes available, and you can start communication. Each user has 60 minutes to find a partner, so it’s best to use the application during rush hour.

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Sign Up/Registration at Pure

So, it’s time to become a client of the service and make Pure log in. To do this, spend 3-5 minutes and take a few steps:

  1. Download the application to your mobile device (available on the Google Play or App Store).
  2. Indicate the necessary information (this is your e-mail, phone number, and payment details). This will allow the service to remember you and make re-registration faster.
  3. Read the rules for using the service and agree to them.
  4. Enter your data (gender, city of residence) and confirm the desire to register.

Search & Profile Quality at Pure

The main feature of the service is self-destructing profiles. After registration, each user has 60 minutes to find a great partner. It seems like a little, but now you know how does Pure work, and you won’t lose time. The local search option will show you potential partners in your area. Explore profiles (there are photos, information about addictions and interests, age, height, weight, appearance). You can like the users you want. If this sympathy is mutual, a chat window will open, and you will be able to communicate. Unfortunately, frequent deletion of profiles provokes users to fill out an account minimally. So you will not always find the information you need here.

Safety/Legal/Scam at Pure

Potential customers are concerned about the question – is Pure safe or not? The answer is yes, the service provides not only anonymity but also security. Registration requires email verification. Besides, your billing information is securely encrypted against hacking using the modern SSL protocol. This algorithm uses a 256-bit dynamic code, which is almost impossible to crack. Therefore, the fraudster cannot find out confidential information.

Help & Support at Pure

Also, in the Pure review, we will talk about all the features of the company. The site provides convenience and quality service. If a customer faced with a problem, they can contact customer support by email. You must write a letter to [email protected], describe the situation, and attach documents (if necessary). The company’s employees will understand the matter and provide professional assistance.

Cost/Prices & Plans at Pure

So now you know the answer to the question, is Pure legit or not, thanks to this review. But what about prices? Women can register and use the application for free. The service offers men a free trial. This will allow you to evaluate the functionality of the site and its effectiveness. After that, you can choose one of the subscription options:

  • 7 days for $14.99;
  • 30 days for $29.99;
  • 90 days for $58.98;
  • 180 days for $75.60;


This is the final section review of Pure, where we will conclude. The service is useful for residents of large cities who are interested in the frequent change of sexual partners. This is an excellent way to find a partner and keep your privacy. The convenient mobile application works with all modern devices. But in small cities, you will experience difficulties (this conclusion is based on the analysis of Pure dating site reviews from real users). The final rating is 8.2/10.


Is Pure a Real Dating Site?

Yes, the Pure hookup service is a real site. The company was officially registered in Cyprus in 2014. For more than six years, the service has been helping customers find a partner in your city. Many positive reviews prove Pure’s efficiency, reliability, and safety.

What is a Pure Trial?

Each new customer has the opportunity to activate a trial period. This option allows you to use the service for free for three days. This approach will enable you to learn more about the functionality and effectiveness of the site before a paid subscription.

How Can I Unsubscribe from Pure?

This is interesting because you can’t cancel the subscription through the account in the application. To unsubscribe this option, you must use the App Store or Google Play Store. Also, after unsubscribing, you can use the form for a paid period.

Will I Lose My Subscription or Trial Period If I Accidentally Uninstall Pure App?

No, uninstalling the application does not affect the length of the trial or subscription period. The service remembers your email. You can remove and install the app again and again - your capabilities will remain the same.

Why is my Pure Account Locked Out?

The main reason for blocking your account is a violation of the rules of the service. Remember that the photo should have your face. Otherwise, you get a ban. To remove the ban, change the picture or contact support at [email protected]

How Can I Change Payment Information on Pure?

If you are using an Apple device, you must go to the settings, indicate your Apple ID, select “Payment Information,” enter new data and confirm your choice. For Android devices, you need to open Google Play, go to the menu, select “My Account,” the option “Edit Payment Method.” Remember to save your changes.

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